Safeguarding children online, or “safeguarding children in a digital world”, or is it “Keeping children safe in Education by knowing what is happening online with, for and against children”?

Well it’s all of the above and it’s what I teach in my course of the same name, of which there is one this month. It’s in just over 10 days so be quick to sign up.

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If you are working with children in any capacity, such as a Teacher, Counsellor, Social Worker, Nurse or Childminding, this is the course for you to help you understand, recognise and action any concerns that you may have about the children or young people in your care.

But how do you even do that when online is a space that you may not understand in its entirety and you may not even think is relevant to your role? I mean if you work with 3-year-olds, surely this isn’t for you? Sadly the answer to that is, you’d be incorrect and you really need this information about all ages of children. The older and more proficient with the use of tech and the more you need to know.

Safeguarding is a topic that is extremely important in your role and having this as a foundation to real world issues is likely a course you have completed on several occasions if you have been in practice for a while. But the online world has been around for such a long time that this again sadly has not been communicated as to why you need to know about protecting children from online issues, or indeed how to recognise when they are issues you must report and safeguard around.

For example: Did you know that in the real world, safeguarding issues are often accompanied by the online world with abusers and perpetrators using the online space to facilitate or indeed increase their ability to abuse and commit crimes against children? Children also use this space for abuse, sexual activity and constant communication with each other and knowing what is really going on is the learning you will gain from the training day.

Knowing what you can and need to listen for, what issues are safeguarding, and which are legal, normative, or otherwise, will be the learning outcomes for the day, alongside learning the language of the internet, or as much as you can in one day!

If you know how to protect children from abuse, neglect and contextual issues then this is the overlap you have missing from your practice. You will take your practice to the next level, and of course learn about the ever expanding universe children spend a large amount of their time in, on and through.

Sign up now and attend via zoom if you are worried about Covid, live outside of the Wakefield district, or just want to attend online. However in contrast to the topic, the real world experience allows for in depth conversations and discussions outside of the learning times.

Nostell Priory Gardens, Wakefield, 21 January 2022, 9:30am – 4:30pm

By subscribing to the newsletter you will receive information about other events featuring Catherine Knibbs, articles, what's new on the blog and more.
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