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Bespoke courses on and around the topics of Online Harms and Cybertrauma, and how to Safeguard Children using Tech, can be booked via the form at the bottom of this page.

The courses listed are a brief description of some of the training I can provide, however if you want to combine two or more, or focus on a different aspect, please include that in the form as well and I will do my best.

These courses are perfect for schools, groups of child facing professionals, and parent groups. I can do the training over Zoom, or in person within the UK, so location is not an issue.

Please browse the course descriptions below to pinpoint what you need, then contact me via the form at the bottom of the page.

Online Behaviours – Why we and children do what we do online:
An update to cyberpsychology which includes Child Development and Attachment

This course is an in depth, theoretical and philosophical expansion of my book recently published by Routledge. The course will explain how technology is changing us as relational beings and how this impacts our development and conversational abilities online and beyond.

Technology in Therapy or Coaching

This course introduces you to various forms of technology from VR to Biofeedback. The course will provide learners with a range of technologies and the background theory that underpins their use. When and where to use HRV or Games, versus how you can support your clients to use tech they already own to support their healing and progress. There will be an emphasis on the legalities of data protection and safety for clients, especially children in the UK.

This course runs on a face to face basis so you can try the equipment for yourself!

Online Safety, Online Harms and Cybertrauma for Child/School Therapists: KCSIE 2021 New Legislation

This course will equip practitioners working in schools to be fully updated to the new legislation requiring staff within schools to have this training. The work as a therapist includes the digital lives of children and as such this will help you maintain your essential safeguarding requirements for working within schools and keeping up to date with new laws and issues.

Ethics, Law and Keeping Children’s Digital Data Safe:

This training is for anyone who wishes to work online with children and young people; this includes the how to do this safely and what your roles and obligations are as the practitioner.

Cyberbullying, Cyberstalking and Trolling – A child’s point of view, a new PTS issue

This course will look at the data and theory around these issues and how these affect young people and how this is revealing a form of trauma that is evolving to include an impact on child development.

Geekery, Gaming and Meeting Young People Where They Are

This course is an introduction only, bringing the world of phrases you may have heard like Twitch, Streaming, Marvel Comic Characters and more to you and explaining what they mean. Do you know your DND from MMORPGs? Emphasis will be on helping you become a Geek Therapist through a sister company who are the world leaders in this area; helping you meet your clients where they are.

All courses can be booked separately or as a package.

The courses can be booked via the form below. Please include as much detail and methods of contact as you feel comfortable sharing, which makes it easier for me to get back to you quickly.

You can also use the form to subscribe to the email newsletter, where you can find information on important new developments in the field of online safeguarding and online harms / cybertrauma, new dates for the different courses, and other things within this topic.

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