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Privacy4 Professionals – Helping you protect your clients and serve them better in a Data-driven world.

Data protection, GDPR, online privacy specialist services. Available for talks and lectures, courses and training. Contact me via the Privacy4 website for all of this and more.

Integrated Health Clinic

Helping you understand how the past creates your present and how you can change your life for a better future. Transcend and reach your highest potential.

What’s really different about the approach Cath Knibbs takes to ‘regular’ therapy or functional health consultations is the N=1 paradigm, based on many years of various training over several disciplines from Biology, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Neuroscience, Functional Health & Nutrigenetics.

Cath realised that many programs out there forget to take the real person in the room fully into account. She decided to do things differently by looking at the persona and issue from the micro to the macro, the molecule to the mind.

Contact me via the Integrated Health Clinic website for enquires relating to therapy.

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