Catherine Knibbs

Catherine is an Interpersonal Neurobiological practitioner using theoretical integration of Neuroscience and Attachment and synthesising this with Transactional Analysis and Functional Medicine approaches with Technology. She is one of a kind in this field!

What does that mean?

Catherine is an Online Harms Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Author and Psychotherapist.

This means Catherine knows all there is to know, about children and their approach and relationship with technology. She’s at the very forefront of the knowledge we have about the connection between biology and technology, and how we can use this knowledge.

Catherine holds courses and learning events about children and technology, including gaming and social media. She covers not only the direct dangers of grooming and deception, but also the lesser known dangers of cyber bullying, destructive game play, effects of things heard in the background when children are using voice chat, stress around children’s online presence, and so much more.

Find a summary of Catherine’s appearances and publications here.

Who am I?

I am a voice for children, young people and adults,

I advocate through stories from my research,

I challenge and I am a disruptor of the persecutory narrative,

I make the complex easy to access and understand,

I take the dark and macabre subjects and make them accessible.

I bring humour, enthusiasm and passion to deliver the information to you in a way that will inspire and motivate you,

I am a realist and what matters is the story of YOU.

I am a human being, Mum and compassionate activist for those who have no voice.

I am a Cyber Specialist, Consultant and Author.

I am a PhD Clinical Researcher.

I am a Child and Adult Trauma, Psychotherapist.

I am an online and offline Clinical Supervisor.

I am an Epigenetic Psychotherapist & Coach.

I am an e-safety Consultant.

I am an Engineer.

I am me.

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