Catherine Knibbs

Who am I?

I am a voice for children, young people and adults,

I advocate through stories from my research,

I challenge and I am a disruptor of the persecutory narrative,

I make the complex easy to access and understand,

I take the dark and macabre subjects and make them accessible.

I bring humour, enthusiasm and passion to deliver the information to you in a way that will inspire and motivate you,

I am a realist and what matters is the story of YOU.

I am a human being, Mum and compassionate activist for those who have no voice.

I am a Cyber Specialist, Consultant and Author.

I am a PhD Clinical Researcher.

I am a Child and Adult Trauma, Psychotherapist.

I am an online and offline Clinical Supervisor.

I am an Epigenetic Psychotherapist & Coach.

I am an e-safety Consultant.

I am an Engineer.

I am me.

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