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Like any good expert worth their salt, I have been writing on and contributing to the knowledge about online harms, safeguarding, cybertrauma, and the metaverse for many years now.

Between my work as a clinician, my book writing as a published author, my experience as an international educator and more, I have a unique understanding and knowledge of the dynamic between children and technology. I can easily identify the common pitfalls that happen when children use the internet and other tech.

I write about online harms, cybertrauma, online safeguarding, and related topics in a number of online blogs and publications. On this website I have featured four of the places where you can find my articles and blog posts.

Children and Tech Blog

This is the blog hosted on this website. I post about important news and changes in knowledge, as well as re-post content from other platforms.


My Medium blog is my most used platform. I post regularly about things that catch my attention, that I find frustrating or that I think more people should pay attention to.

Internet Matters

I am an expert contributor on the Internet Matters website, where you can find articles I’ve authored and Question & Answers sessions I have taken part in.

From the Avast Blog

Thia ia content I have written for Avast, the software company known for its antivirus solution, which has been previously published on their website.

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