Dick Pics and online dating

Originally published 27 March, 2016 Dick Pics and dating sites. Just what I needed to receive just before eating my dinner; not! (I just vomited a little there, sorry!) How many messages before I get sent one? The current record is 3 and still stands at this from 2010. It kind of went a littleContinue reading “Dick Pics and online dating”

Graphic imagery and the National Crime Agency’s Actions: a reflection

Originally published 6 December, 2015 Graphic Images and Videos happen to be my most passionate area of research as I think its the most overlooked. IMHO it should not be and here’s one example why… During the week of 1-6th December 2015, the National Crime Agency decided it was going to take a seemingly “ClockworkContinue reading “Graphic imagery and the National Crime Agency’s Actions: a reflection”

Dear Curiosity, Facebook and Graphic Videos………..DO NOT…………

DEAR CURIOSITY, DONT LOOK!! SEX!! NO…DONT LOOK!! Graphic Media!! STOP LOOKING!!! If you are reading this you are either a cat or a human. (Insert well-known phrase about cats and curiosity!) For the purposes of this blog though let’s assume you’re a human. Who wanted to know what this was about. You were warned thoughContinue reading “Dear Curiosity, Facebook and Graphic Videos………..DO NOT…………”

Facebook, beheadings and other gruesome material.

Originally published 2 November, 2013 Let’s be clear about my stance on this topic. Cyber trauma needs to be spoken about to help repair ANY damage caused by witnessing and viewing traumatic material. I have been developing workshops for professionals, parents and adults who work with young people around this topic for over 18 monthsContinue reading “Facebook, beheadings and other gruesome material.”