Using Computer Gaming and Technology IN practice – 17 July 2021



How to utilise today and tomorrows tech to meet your client safely, ethically and lawfully where they are. using Gaming, AR, VR and other forms of technology such as biofeedback and tracking tech.

As a gaming therapist using these methods for over a decade, I will introduce you to aspects of using digital technology, computer games and why in the UK we have many issues to consider when thinking about using these forms of connection online. It’s not as simple as plug and play!  Understanding the digital environment is the. most important factor of ethical practice, as well as learning how to make this fun, challenging and engaging for our clients.

Landlines may soon be in the landfill, iPhones, iPads, Smartphones, Smartwatches and Smart TV’s may soon follow? But, for now, this is where we live and how we exist/communicate. From tech that tracks, monitors and controls every aspect of your health, life, house and persona to the systems you use to conduct your work. Clients and patients bring this tech to your clinic, where in turn you also have/had/use this too. How do we move from the corporeal to the synthesis of virtual with our current knowledge and approach? How do we implement tech into and beyond therapy?

What can you do when the tech itself becomes your office or replaces it, and the likelihood of seeing clients face to face is changing? Given the CV-19 outbreak, it is all too well known of late how the new place of therapy may well be virtual as well as corporeal.

How we may now recognise that we have been unconsciously incompetent in terms of technology or the challenges that go with this, yet be avid users of this, and yet still there is a mountain to climb, perhaps?

Where will we ‘see’ our clients and patients in the future and what tech can help us to assist our clients/patients in their healing journey?

Course Outline:

A day of exploring tech, gaming interventions, what it is, how it works in the everyday life of a client/patient and how we can harness this as practitioners to work deeply with those who seek our help?

From video games, apps, and platforms, from devices to life interventions. How can we utilise technology to provide a relational other when we are not present? How can we implement new approaches and upskill ourselves to provide the new normal when it comes to tech, for the benefit of our clients patients and ourselves?

Where, when and how if the future is already here?

Learning Outcomes:

  • To learn about computer games, safeguarding and data protection issues of this spectacular intervention and to do this lawfully.

  • How to use technology such as computer games to create a deeper connection with clients and see their life story through metaphor and gamification.

  • To learn about technology and what this actually means, and how it can be of help to ourselves and our clients

  • To distinguish between technology to be used within the practice and that outside of sessions eg Virtual Sandtray versus a mediation app on a smartphone

  • To learn about the risks associated with technology and how this can be harnessed for data mining and privacy/cybersecurity issues (eg Covid track and trace)

  • To increase knowledge around Virtual Reality (VR) and how this is a new way to increase depth work.

  • How to apply technological interventions into practice and how this can increase relational depth, autonomy and agency.

  • How to create an environment the client can take into everyday life to overcome their issues such as anxiety, fear and trauma

  • Utilise technology for the clients benefit, from macro to micro and the personal power this brings (testing through technology, from biofeedback to DNA sequencing)—–This section is always considered on the day as the rest of the course may take up most of our time as this is a ONE day course only!


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