Why are counsellors scared of Cybertrauma?

Originally published 2 June, 2016 What is Cybertrauma and why does it seem so scary? Why are counsellors currently turning a blind eye to an issue that is only going to increase? Why is this not a compulsory part of all courses and modules? Will it affect you? These are some questions I have bothContinue reading “Why are counsellors scared of Cybertrauma?”

Dick Pics and online dating

Originally published 27 March, 2016 Dick Pics and dating sites. Just what I needed to receive just before eating my dinner; not! (I just vomited a little there, sorry!) How many messages before I get sent one? The current record is 3 and still stands at this from 2010. It kind of went a littleContinue reading “Dick Pics and online dating”