Dear client, does your therapist discuss you on social media?

Originally published 7 February, 2018 Dear potential client, or perhaps one already in a therapy chair/room. I wanted to speak out on your behalf, rather than write an article that would require you to do anything. You do indeed have that choice of course and perhaps this is a question you will raise once youContinue reading “Dear client, does your therapist discuss you on social media?”

Why are counsellors scared of Cybertrauma?

Originally published 2 June, 2016 What is Cybertrauma and why does it seem so scary? Why are counsellors currently turning a blind eye to an issue that is only going to increase? Why is this not a compulsory part of all courses and modules? Will it affect you? These are some questions I have bothContinue reading “Why are counsellors scared of Cybertrauma?”